Ways To Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony

Congratulations on your engagement! It’s time to plan a dream wedding to celebrate your love. Since it is about you and your partner on this day, add your personal touch to it and make it unique to your relationship. A wedding should not only take place during the ceremony or even be a big surprise-although most people like a good surprise. We’ve found nine unique ways to personalize your wedding, from the smallest details to a big gesture.

1. You can ignore the traditions

Wedding traditions may not match your partner’s style. If there is no specific tradition that feels authentic to you and your partner, go for it. There are no rules that say how to arrange a wedding, so do not feel obliged to follow traditions that are not unique to your love.

Sit down with your significant other and go over a wedding planning checklist-make sure you stay on top. This way you can find out which traditions you are not interested in, and then build on your interests when creating a wedding mood board. Find colors you both like, things you want to do to celebrate your union, and then put everything there.

2. To write your own wishes

Here at Junebug we are big supporters of writing your own wishes. These words come straight from the heart and make the ceremony something very special. Whether you’re using quotes from a song, writing a poem, or just sharing why you love your partner, this is such an devoted Moment that truly celebrates your love.

In addition, it helps to make the ceremony feel your own. You don’t have to be the best writer in the world to tell your partner why you love them, so even if you’re not sure writing your own wishes is for you, give it a try. Take a pencil and paper and confess your love-it will be worth it.

3. a photo wall of family and friends

RSVPs are in, but not everyone on your list can do it. There’s always a way to make it look like you’re there for your special day — a photo wall. When sending RSVPs — or after receiving contritions-ask for images of those who are not ready to print and hang. Whether you decide to display the photo wall at the ceremony or reception, it can also honor any expired loved ones you wish could be there.

4. Ask a friend or family member, Agent

When it comes to officers, it can be difficult to choose the perfect one. The officials are there both to express the love between the two of you and to lawfully make sure that you have done everything to make the connection for life. If you can’t find the perfect official for your wedding, ask a close friend or close family member.

It’s special to ask someone you love to celebrate your wedding. It adds more and more personality as you tell the story of your relationship, tell sweet moments and the day you decided to spend the rest of your life together becomes brighter for you.

5. Thank you cards for guests prior to writing

A thank you for your guests on your wedding day is a simple and sweet gesture that will make you feel especially welcome. Leave them to your guests when they find their places for their ceremony or reception. Of course, a thank you for gifts after your wedding day is thoughtful, but it’s both unique and personal to you and your guests.

6. You can leave a Schuhnotiz

If you haven’t seen the notorious shoes on Pinterest yet, don’t worry. The “shoe note” is a small love letter or poem that you write on the bottom of your partner’s wedding shoes. This note may not last until the end of the evening – especially when the dance floor hits – but it’s a fun and unique way to remind your partner that you love them before you say “yes.” Try writing it on the bottom of your shoe, or leave a card inside and get ready for happy tears!

7. Add small, but meaningful Details to

Think of something meaningful. Imagine it in your head. Now find a way to incorporate this meaningful element into your wedding day. Whether it’s a family heirloom, your after grandfather’s favorite shirt, or maybe even shells from your first date, if you include warm items in your wedding, it’s all the more special. Add a heirloom to your bouquet. Sew the Shirt into your dress or suit. Put the shells in a vase on the couple’s table. Be creative while finding places where you can use these meaningful elements.

8. Customize Additional Cards

It is likely that they plan to put the names of the guests on the accompanying cards to help them find their place. This is not what we mean by personalization. Go one step further and add a reminder or an insider joke to each guest’s card. Or turn your escort cards into dummy Polaroid images that you can keep after the wedding. Whatever you choose, don’t feel obligated to tailor escort cards exactly to the aesthetics of your wedding. They can be as unique as the guests who will occupy these places.

9. Connect Your Pets

We all love pets, including them. If you can bring them to your wedding, there are many ways to include them on your special day. Our favorite options are to walk down the aisle with you or pose with you for photos. of course, not all weddings allow all pets to participate in the fun. Pay to your favorite animals by putting them on small details at your wedding. Try sticking a photo or sketch of your pet on napkins, drinking cards, coasters, or your stationery. Whether it’s your dog, cat, reptile or one of your cute pets, it’s nice to feel like at your wedding.

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