Way Of Golden Hour Lakeside Elopement

Burning can be both exciting and adventurous, especially if the bride is a wedding photographer. Leah has seen more than 200 weddings and although she loves the party and the details, she and Will decided to celebrate in Canada in a relaxed and stress-free way. With the help of Whistler Elopements, a member of Junebug, this couple traveled to Lillooet to spend a golden hour by the lake and created this awesome Glamping site-Yes, Glamping!

From beer to shotgun to cuddling with your dog for a picnic after the ceremony, we couldn’t imagine a picture book day. Adventurous newlyweds, this is for you. Keep scrolling to see mountain ranges, a red canoe, and a perfect outdoor escape.

Pickles and beer mugs

It’s far from traditional, but we had a beer in the middle of the ceremony, because honestly, why not.

Our pickle dog was at our feet the whole ceremony as he chewed on his stick. It was perfect.

Tips for newlyweds

Honestly, do it yourself. It’s not about what your parents want or what your friends suggest. One of the reasons we liked the true secret runaway was the lack of outside opinions.

A Golden Hour At The Lake

As a wedding photographer, I definitely wanted a unique place. I wanted to stay away from places where I often take pictures. I also wanted a good light. We have structured our marriage in such a way that the light is optimal for the photos and that it manifests itself.

A wedding dream comes true

When we started talking about the vision, I had said that I had always dreamed of a red canoe on a watery blue lake. After choosing the place, we thought it would be a royal pain to take one with us. not-known to us, our salesmen surprised us with a red canoe and brought it to the roof of Paul’s truck to surprise us.

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