The Red And Sage Backyard Wedding

Priscilla and Jake, like many couples before recent times, had other wedding plans in mind, but decided to get married in the backyard. In doing so, they proved that backyard weddings don’t have to feel like your backyard, especially if you add bohemian decor, a Spanish theme and a fire ceremony-Yes, we said fire. With the help of their families, this couple did their entire wedding — well, almost everything – themselves.

Fortunately, the member of Junebug Boutique Weddings + Adventure Elopements has captured all the details of this wedding. Get ready for a burgundy suit, a mariachi band, and Filipino and Mexican-inspired cuisine at this backyard wedding in red and sage.

Wedding tips for newlyweds recent times

We had a small devoted wedding with about 35 guests, so we did it right. For a larger wedding, we recommend an event planner or someone who takes care of all the little details. It’s so easy to get lost in the Moment and leave things out!

Why a red and sage backyard wedding?

Due to the recent times, we had to rethink our original Mayan ceremony and the Tulum wedding plan. So we waited for a better time, but we couldn’t wait any longer. Just a month after we decided we already had everything we needed, and our garden was the perfect backdrop. It would also give some of our friends and family the opportunity to visit our home.

Custom backyard wedding

We wanted to feel natural and organic all day, so we decided to let Jake’s best friend lead the ceremony. It didn’t feel right to go with someone who didn’t know our history personally. We have also included a lasso rosary popular in Mexican and Filipino weddings to represent unity and new beginnings.

Custom Wedding Decoration

As creative, Jake and I really wanted to do everything ourselves-I’ve always wanted to style a wedding. For months I have been saving and collecting brass candlesticks, glass cylinders, vintage luggage and suitcases, candles, etc. My father and brother built our triangular altar, a pallet wall to hang pictures, and helped set up fairy lights.

I ordered all the flowers and greenery wholesale and decorated our altar on the wedding day itself. I also made a flower wall with artificial grass, wicker baskets and red roses to play the boho atmosphere. Jake and I even made our own Piñata. We kept joking that this was the biggest production of our lives, but it turned out to be true.

Captured the couple’s favorite moment

There’s a picture of us taken towards the end of the night – the Mariachi band playing, our guests enjoying the warm fire, Jake wearing a Mariachi hat (too small for his head), we’re facing our party, but we’re watching. There is a sense of fulfillment and love in both of our faces. Honestly, I didn’t even know that Yana was behind us and took this picture. That’s what it’s all about!

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