Proper Hotel Wedding In Unique Way

If you have a unique wedding that looks like your own, your special day will be absolutely perfect. Brittny and Lawrence’s good hotel wedding was unique to their relationships with each other and with their community. It was not only the first wedding that ever took place in this hotel, but also this couple did not leave a single detail.

From a semicircular seat layout to a baby breath-infused Chuppa, Isabel Kate Events helped create a 70s-inspired celebration. In addition, Van Morrison’s daughter sang at the wedding – really great. And let’s talk about the couple’s wedding day.

Brittny shone at the 7th month of pregnancy in her elegant white wedding dress, and Lawrence kept it classic in a gray suit. But we will not ruin everything! Keep scrolling to see more of this unique wedding shot by Junebug member Teri B Photography.

A truly unforgettable hotel wedding

Going to the ceremony together was incredibly emotional and unforgettable. We arranged the space in a semicircle to represent the community. It was a powerful setup that everyone stood in front of us and surrounded us when we went to the Chuppa together.

Unique and personalized ceremony

Our ceremony was very personal. We integrated my husband’s Jewish background and my spiritual practice of yoga. Our staff were my friend Wah Yoga teacher and Lawrence’s long time friend Andrew who introduced us. They accompanied us through a ceremony where we recorded traditional celebrations, blessings and readings from our family, friends and community. The ceremony allowed all those present to participate, as well as the recognition of those who could not be with us. The ceremony took place under a Chuppa consisting of baby breath, notes and small objects attached to the Chuppa.

A Surprise Serenade

The biggest surprise and most memorable Moment was when Lawrence-a complete surprise to me-took to the stage with the band to sing Crimson and Clover. He had been secretly preparing with a singing coach. It was great and everyone had so much fun with it! I was so surprised and moved that he had the courage to do it.

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