Ideas Of Sweet And Sentimental Unity Ceremony

A unitary ceremony is a tradition that can be one of the most beautiful parts of the entire ceremony, as it is a visual symbol of the fact that two lives come together into one. Over the years, it has also become one of the best ways for a couple to personalize their wedding. From lighting a taper candle to creating a cocktail, couples find sweet and sentimental ways to make the unified ceremony their own – and we absolutely love it.

Unitarian ceremonies offer one of the few moments in your wedding day where you can slow down, pause and reflect on the promises you made to each other — make sure it’s important to you. We’ve seen some really creative ideas for Unitarian ceremonies over the years, so here are our favorites to help you choose the one that speaks to you!

1. Making a sandwich for the unity ceremony

This is one of the sweetest and lightest unity ceremonies we have ever seen. Choose your favorite sandwich, prepare the two slices of bread and bring the Sandwich as a sweet and tasty metaphor for your new wedding!

2. Light a unity candle

This is by far the most traditional option for the unitary ceremony and therefore perfect for couples who want something more classic. For the ceremony, three candles are placed on the altar: two pointed candles and a large candle — the “unity candle” – in the center. At the beginning of the ceremony, a member of each family – traditionally mothers – lights one of the cone candles. After making their vows, each spouse simultaneously lights one of the candles to light the first candle. If one or both of you have children, you can even involve the whole family. Just add extra taper candles for each child and invite them to join you when you light the unit candle.

3. Planting a tree together

Many couples are attracted to the symbolism of nature, making a tree planting ceremony an excellent option – especially for outdoor weddings. For the ceremony, a tree is placed in a large pot in front of the room. During the ceremony, alternately put Earth and water in the pot. When the wedding is over, you can take the tree home and plant it in your garden.

We have even seen couples get married in their own garden and plant the tree directly into the ground during the ceremony. This is a truly moving idea of the unitary ceremony, which will be a constant and ever-growing reminder of your mutual involvement.

4. Preheat the Ring

We reached out to some of our Junebug vendors and asked them about their favorite unit ceremonies, and here’s what Annie from Aislinn Events has to say about the ring heating ceremony:

“During this unitary ceremony, the couple’s wedding rings are either placed in a beautiful box, or sometimes tied together. The official gives them to the first person and asks them to take a Moment, hold the rings in their hands – warm the Rings – and quietly put their happy thoughts, good wishes or prayers for the couple in the Rings. They then pass them on to the Next Guest and the Rings go to all the guests before returning to the official’s house, where the couple puts the rings on each other’s finger.

This works great on devoted or micro weddings, but can also be done on larger weddings. It brings a particularly affectionate and positive energy to the ceremony and is a wonderful way to involve all your guests in this special Moment of your special day.”

5. Sealing an Anniversary Box

This super cute idea of the unity ceremony also serves as a birthday surprise. Create a personalized box with your names and the date of your wedding and place it on a table with handwritten love letters and a bottle of Plonk. If you plan to wait until your fifth or tenth birthday, ask an expert to help you choose a Plonk that will age well.

During the unity ceremony, place both the love letters and the Plonk bottle in the box and seal them-either with a hammer and nails or with a lock. During the ceremony, you can ask the officials to explain the meaning of the Plonk you have chosen and the anniversary for which you want to open it. When that date rolls around, enjoy a trip down memory lane while enjoying a glass of Plonk, reading your love letters, and remembering your magical wedding day!

6. Pour sand for your unity ceremony

It’s another old-but-Goodie that’s evolving as couples find modern ways to adopt it. The most common sand casting ceremony consists of two glasses of sand, which you both pour into one glass. If you want to make a statement piece of art for your home, you can use two different colors and layer them or create a unique design in the glass. We have also seen clear frames in which you place a photo of yourself and pour the sand into the background space.

If you have children, you can also use several glasses of sand with each person’s name to pour them into the collection jar. You can then put the glass in your home as a souvenir of your new United family.

7. Make a Cocktail

This is perhaps our most popular idea right now for a unitary ceremony, as it combines the sentimentality of tradition with a fun — and delicious – modern twist. If you are a beer lover, pour two different but complementary beers – usually a light one and a dark one-into a glass and enjoy your first beer as husband and wife. If alcohol is your thing, collect individual portions of your favorite ingredients, shake them and enjoy your individual creation. We recommend that you choose a simple Cocktail, for example: a blender and a liqueur, so that you can mix it effortlessly.

8. Take a shot

If you’re super adventurous — or if you’re looking for an excuse to calm the nerves in the middle of your ceremony — you can skip the creative aspect and take an instant shot of your favorite alcohol! We recommend investing in a nice decanter and personalized glasses. They will not only be adorable decoration pieces at the ceremony and in your photos, but also great memories for years to come.

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