Gorgeous And Lush Holly Farm Wedding

Fairy lights, tropical plants and lush greenery – this Holly Farm Wedding was truly a hidden tropical oasis. When Ranu and Rob found this place — nestled in the hills of California — they knew it was the right one because it is so unique. Matching the theme of the place, the floral arrangements of Big Sur Flowers give the impression of an island destination with pink Anthuriums and carnations lined up.

The fashion at this wedding is as spectacular as the venue. Ranu wore a beautiful wedding dress with a floral chiffon overlay and a deep neckline. And for a totally sunny California vibe, the bridesmaids rocked matching dandelion yellow dresses. Luckily, Kadi Tobin captured every inch of this lavish and detailed wedding, so keep scrolling to see this tropical hideaway.

Tender Moments

Our first look and private vows were the most devoted and special part of the day. Having time for the ceremony, being together and taking our vows was incredibly emotional, but unforgettable. The photos of these moments were also some of the most tender and affectionate, and we both felt better prepared to go to our ceremony and reception after spending some time just for ourselves.

Wedding tips for newlyweds

It’s easy to delve into the details, but if you zoom out and see the whole picture, you can make decisions about where to spend your money and effort. Also, save yourself headaches and work with suppliers who are communicative and reliable. If you are tormented by a decision that does not so much affect your wedding budget, go for the option that seems to you the strongest.

At the end of the day, you will save mental energy by making the decision and knowing that this is ultimately what you imagined.

A Holly Farm Wedding

Our house was so magical. The Holly Farm team makes you feel like you are part of the family, and their hospitality is so special and unique. It really feels like a unique space that is an oasis in the Carmel Valley. We were just absolutely delighted with the mix of spaces, the accommodation on site and the beauty of the plants everywhere. We both knew right away that this was the place for us, especially since we knew they only had one wedding per weekend and guests usually stayed for several days.

Bringing a piece of New York to California

We made our table names and cards. Our wedding in California was exciting for us because we love weddings and travel. But we also love our New York neighborhood, the East Village, and we wanted to make it feel like part of the weekend as well. I bought a disposable black and white camera and walked around my neighborhood to take pictures of all our favorite bars and restaurants. Then I had the Film developed and mounted the pictures on Table cards, which I then had calligraphed by a friend.

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