Colorful And Fantasy Terme di Saturnia Elopement

A natural spring and waterfall, colorful jewel tones and a sunrise ceremony — all ingredients for this colorful escape to terme di Saturnia. Not only are the Saturnia waterfalls a breathtaking backdrop, but in combination with Luca Cozza’s bright floral arrangements, they have become an incredibly dreamy place. The color did not stop at the flowers and the decoration of the table. Emily looked absolutely stunning in both of her Looks – a white lace dress with a deep back and a jewel-colored rainbow chiffon dress. And Thomas wore a purple three-piece suit, then switched to white button-up and light blue trousers for his reception.

This flight in terme di Saturnia is proof that you can play with colors in everything, including in your wedding fashion. Color lovers, keep scrolling to see pictures of Marrymi and see how you can add lots of color to your big day with flavor!

The Sunrise ceremony

The most memorable part of the day was the ceremony at sunrise. We arrived at the waterfall at 4 o’clock in the morning and it was impossible to see anything. It was a little cold outside, but we had our feet in hot water. It was such a surreal feeling to hold hands and wait under the ceremonial arch for the sun to rise. Then we finally saw a ray of light through the trees and the light hit my beautiful wife’s face and I was so proud to be her husband. This memory will last forever.

Planning a wedding in a public place

The Saturnia waterfalls are free and therefore always very crowded-even at night! Therefore, if you plan to get married there, choose a weekday. There’s no off-season or rest day and you can’t book a reserved spot, so thumbs up and hope you’re in luck.

A good setting planner

We can say that without Danila, we would never have explored this place or designed anything so awesome. As for the planning, I must say that the decision to stop the Danila Stella events was our most important decision.

Choose a Term di Saturnia

Our wedding planner suggested the location. Emily was sure she wanted a ceremony in nature. We originally had mountains or lakes in mind, and none of us knew Saturnia existed. When we saw pictures of it, we knew it was the right place.

Great and personal wishes

We wrote our vows and kept them secret until the ceremony. A fun fact: we both forgot to bring the notes to the ceremony – waking up at 2am at 4am was a bit difficult – so we decided not to make the vows during the ceremony, but to say something else and we made our vows in the hotel room afterwards!

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