Amazing Rooftop Wedding At The Line DC

Yuri and Ryan’s wedding, like many this year, had some bumps in the planning. After making the first decision to have a big wedding, the couple had to change their plans and reduce their guest list – thanks to recent times. Your pivot for a micro wedding was breathtaking and we are so excited that you made this call with the help of your wedding planner. Every inch of this celebration was in one word: the beautiful floral motifs, the color matching, the romantic decoration of the table.

With the help of wedding planner Sarah Luxembourg, they turned their original plan of a big wedding into a charming and devoted ceremony. This new wedding plan took us to the rooftop of the Line Hotel in DC and included shades of red and terracotta that made us fall in love more than ever. If you’re looking for inspiration for a romantic and simple wedding, keep scrolling to see photos from Kate Ann Photography and see why we’re totally in love!

Things to do near the Line Hotel DC

First, we chose DC because it’s the place where we fell in love. Secondly, the hotel line perfectly matched our style. This was the only place we looked. It’s not just located in Adams Morgan-one of the most diverse neighborhoods in DC — the line is a restored church that’s been empty for 30 years. The history of the hotel and the reflection of the community are fascinating.

Music from the heart

I went with my father to the Spanish acoustic guitar version of Natalia LaFourcade’s “Tu Me Acostumbraste” for the procession song and we chose “Tu si sabes Quererme” for the recession. Our first dance song was completely out of left field: we chose Dig from Incubus. The text ” if I change into another, dig me under what is covered.

The best part of me reminds me that we will always have each other when everything else is gone,” he resonated true to our relationship.

Let’s keep it simple

The most important thing for me when planning our wedding was the guest list and the official one. I went from 180 guests to 30. It was difficult not to invite extended family – everyone understood the situation-so we stayed with the immediate relatives and only a dozen of our closest friends. Ryan’s best friend was ordained so he could celebrate our wedding.

Wedding tips for brides-to-be

Invest in a great photographer. I have many friends who say they wanted to take the time to find someone who understands their vision. It’s also true what they say about couples who don’t eat: our wedding only had 30 people and I still didn’t have a chance to eat my meal! Make sure you have enough snacks and food in your hotel room or wherever you are after.

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