Adorable Ready Robes For Our Bridesmaids

You have chosen the bridesmaid dresses that your bridal party will wear when you are next to them on your big day, but what about what you wear before you get dressed? Bridesmaid dresses not only help your team look cohesive when you take photos, but your party also feels comfortable and special when you take care of hair and makeup. So you can check this off your to-do list, we’ve rounded up our favorite bridesmaid dresses in satin, linen, lace and more.

Colorful striped dresses

Are you looking for a colorful wedding inspired by the southwest? Then you definitely need these colorful striped dresses. Not only does the doll color picture well, but your bridesmaids will also love to be with them after their special day at the pool.

Dresses with tropical print

Nothing says more tropical than dresses covered in plantain leaves and monster leaves! These are perfect for a wedding in Hawaii or “I do” by the Sea in Tulum.

Striped Beach Dresses

One of the best aspects of staying in a hotel is the spa-style soft bathrobes you can wear. These Beach striped dresses look just like this Look to prepare a comfortable yet chic Ensemble.

Colorful Flower Dresses

Floral dresses are among the most common for a ready-made look, and we know why. They are playful, flirtatious and look totally cute when everyone fits together. If you’re having a spring or summer wedding, this is a fun way to pick up your color palette and include a whimsical element before the big day begins.

Dark Floral Dresses

Do you want to include flowers in your special day but have an autumn or winter wedding? Don’t get mad! These dark floral dresses allow you to include a feminine pattern and make things a little more whimsical.

Pink Lace Dresses

Pink lace dresses are another popular choice. They are girlish, playful and timeless. We love how this bride dressed all her girls in light pink and decided to dress her bridesmaid in dark pink to attract attention.

Simple Satin Dresses

If Pink does not suit the mood you are looking for, but you still want to turn your bridal party into satin, then you are in luck. There are so many simple satin dresses available in a variety of colors. Yellow, blue, red, black, you name it.

Dress with pompon

Is your day whimsical and boho? Then you need pompom dresses. Although they are quite simple, the detail of the Quasted gives it a macrame look that is the embodiment of the free spirit.

Ivory Lace Dresses

Who says only brides can wear white? There is something to be said about matching with your best friends on your big day. Ivory lace is-and always will be-a classic Look.

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